Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Here Comes Peter Cottontail - Kimiki Bunny

Kimiki Bunny

I found the perfect puzzle to highlight the upcoming Easter weekend.  This was going to be the coolest puzzle post ever.  One heart-stopping description after another documenting the brilliant execution of the solution process culminating in a series of vivid photos capturing the essence of the final state of puzzle completeness and tranquility.  I was pre-basking in the glory of the deluge of comments that would be coming forth from puzzlers around the world astounded by my puzzle solving prowess.

Too bad I was unable to solve it.  Tranquility was out the window not to mention how far away from the final state of completeness I was.  With a dozen pieces continually mocking me, I realized that I would not be able to solve that puzzle in time for this post.  Maybe it will get done for next Easter or some other Easter in a year starting with 2.

Kimiki Bunny - PIecesIt was at this point that I needed a significant confidence booster and pulled out my good buddy Peter Rabbit.  Peter spends most of his time in a cabinet as part of my original puzzle collection from the 70’s with several of his other Kimiki buddies.  Not only is Peter good looking but he’s musically inclined as well, being equipped with a bell that merrily jingles as he hops along.

Cyclops Zombie BunnyAltogether, Peter is comprised of 10 pieces.  To assist in the assembly, there are multiple anatomical hints to help you get your bearings.  The astute puzzle will be able to leverage these hints.  For instance, the face is drawn across multiple pieces and you can use that to orient them when constructing Peter.  The puzzle is cleverly designed to split the 2 eye circles in half across pieces.  This is reminiscent of Jos Bergmans’ Sun puzzle where you have to mate the 2 halves of a circle but Kimiki Bunny takes it one step further and has 2 split circles that have to be reunited instead of one.  Some puzzlers may find this tricky and if you aren’t careful, you may end up with something like cyclops zombie bunny.

It’s always nice to successfully solve a 10-piece puzzle.  If you find that this puzzle has too many pieces for you to handle you could try something with fewer pieces like Mega Six by Bill Cutler, which has roughly half the number of pieces as Kimiki Bunny.

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