Of course there can never be too many puzzle blogs!  Many puzzle blogs start out strong and then either slow down on discontinue altogether.  My hope is that ZenPuzzler will defy the odds and continue to get better as time goes on.  There are a few excellent puzzle blogs out there that have been going strong for several years and my two favorites are Puzzling Times and PuzzleMad.  I highly recommend both of them.

I was lucky enough to discover the indescribable joy of utter frustration working on puzzles at an early age and wanted to provide that same opportunity for others that may need a nudge in that direction.  I’m a firm believer that working on puzzles strengthens the mind.  As my grandchildren proceed through their early development years, I’d like to identify the best puzzles to expose them to.  They already have way too much exposure to electronics, although I have to say they are quite good at using them.  They are fearless experimenters and I’d like to give them something tactile and 3 dimensional to solve for a change.

I’m a puzzle collector, designer, and occasional maker (I didn’t want to the sully the word craftsman) of puzzles.  As with most puzzle blogs, I plan to provide reviews on puzzles, both old and new.  I also plan on providing posts on the design process and some experiences making puzzles.  My goal is to keep it interesting by not providing the same type of blog every time.  I also plan on providing some informational blogs at the beginning for followers that may be new to the community and could use an introduction to the world of puzzling.  The hope is that it will become a useful reference for everyone to use.

If I review a puzzle that is currently available, I will try to provide information on where it can be acquired.  In full disclosure, I have several friends that own puzzle shops and I will be recommending them as places to acquire puzzles.  I am also open to establishing affiliations with them for this blog.  Of course, you are free to buy puzzles wherever you like and if you have a particularly good place to buy puzzles, please share that information with us.

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